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Actress, Remi Surutu Resumes Acting After Burying Daughter

 Nollywood actress, Remi Surutu who lost her daughter, Ayo on July 2,2017 has resumed to work on the set of “Gold Statute,” a Tade Ogidan movie. 

She stunned her colleagues with her appearance because they all assumed she was mourning and would not make it to any movie location.

Actress Judith Audu spoke about her encounter with Remi Surutu while on set of the movie, Gold Statute.
“So I met this AWESOME Woman for the first time on the set of @goldstatuemovie , she recently lost her daughter, when she first got on set, it was almost impossible to hold back tears when talking to her and I remember asking our PM @bakkyadeoye if it was wise to bring her out and he said ‘Judith you don’t know Remi, if Director says Action she will switch’ and each time I see her I loved her and admired her even more, she was almost never there but she still tried to listen and smile with everyone…The day of shoot finally came and I saw a powerful actor, she was like a different person, she transformed, and I was stunned � and I was like WOW!!!!!! And I am so happy Aunty @solasobowale made us bring her out, it was sooooooooooo nice to see her smile, the energy and passion was so amazing!!!! You are a super strong woman and I pray the Lord grant you more strength and Fortitude to bear The irreplaceable loss, God bless you more and more Aunty @therealremisurutu , was nice meeting you, what a strong woman you are!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ .” (sic)

Remi Surutu then responded to Judith Audu’s post:

“God bless you �I didn’t know you were observing me till that point ☺️ Love you my beautiful sister � ” (sic)

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