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Ambode Reveals Permanent Solution To Flooding In Lagos Island

Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos state on Monday has reacted to the recent devastation that was witnessed by residents living in Lekki, Lagos Island due to excessive flooding. 
The flooding was due to torrential rainfalls in the state for days leading to the destruction of properties while roads and vehicles were enmeshed. 

Governor Ambode stated that his government was coming with plans to put an end to such occurrences as it is working towards embarking on holistic solutions to end it once and for all. 

Ambode who spoke at the sensitization workshop on water management and environmental control in the Ikeja, Lagos explained that aside from the fact that the issue of flooding does not occur only in the state or Nigeria (as it was a global phenomenon), urgent steps are being taken to put an end to the challenge and to protect the people from future re-occurrence. 

“If we have learnt anything in the on-going flooding of some parts of the state, it is that there is an immediate, even urgent need for us to embark upon a review and reengineering of our canals and drainage systems. 

“This must be pursued hand-in-hand with a clear and crystal re-envisioning of our water management system. 

“So, in effect, what we should immediately pursue is a holistic solution to what is certain to be a recurring problem.

“It must be a sincere collaboration between government and the citizenry,” Governor Ambode said. 

“The issue is when you are talking about reforms, it comes with pains but it is only the vision that drives it through and that is what we are doing,” he added. 

The governor statee that flooding was a global problem and that no matter how well a society may be prepared against it, natural occurrences cannot be totally prevented. 

This, according to the givernor, was why Lagos and the country fully subscribes to the tenets of climate change solutions by the United Nations. 

“While all the aforementioned examples enjoin us to put our experience and pains into perspective, they also impress on us as a state and a government that we must learn from all these examples in order to better prepare for the future. 

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