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APC Aspirants, commended by Nwobodo and Kalu

Senator Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, Anambra State’s former governor together with Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, Abia governor have praised the aspirants in the voting process of the Anambra State when it comes to the governatorial slot. This is in line with their desirable conduct regarding All Progressives Congress. Nwobodo persuade the aspirants to set away their eagerness to compete with each other and told them that only one governor will win. They met with them yesterday in Abuja.


Meanwhile, while having chat with the governor aspirants just before the meeting, Kalu have thrown a joke saying that aspirants should be locked in a room for few minutes and make an aspirant hold the flag so that it will be easy for them to choose between them.


Not entertained by his joke, Nwobodo said that they will acknowledge if all of the governor aspirants will be locked in the room, resolve, deliberate and bring one as the winner. This statement suddenly changed the mood in the room.


Nwobodo also challenged the applicants to make all the possible ways in order to gain support from them. He also ensured that all aspirants will be equally and fairly treated by the committee. He also noted that even he urge aspirants to continue the way they have behaved, the consultations and meetings between the committee and them will still happen. But even so he also stated that he is truly contented with the way they have act and always reminded them that whatever happens, one will only be chosen and they should always set aside their personal conflicts. He is also certain that All Progressive s Congress will become known when it comes to the work of the committee.


In regards with this, all the govenatorial aspirants have agreed to recognize the way things will turn out and will definitely support who will become the next bearer of the flag.

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