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Falana affirms that court never gave power to National Assembly to increase budget

Mr. Femi Falana, Human rights lawyer had affirmed that the Federal High Court in Abuja had never approved the National Assembly’s statement to increase the budget. The latter was the petitioner of the said suit and Justice Kolawole bring out the statement that the court has acknowledge the said budget.

In a statement made by Falana last Tuesday, he said that the judge did not say on his twenty two page judgement that National Assembly has the authority to submit any document to the president regarding the increase on the budget. He also pointed out that the court made it concise that National Assembly is deficient in having the power to make calculations when it comes to the budget that will be presented to the president. Although Falana lacks when it comes to the right or capacity to bring an action about the suit, he said that the court had agreed with the paperworks that he submitted regarding the lawsuit. Falana also said that he is in the process to make an appeal for the dismissal of the said suit.

Falana also believed that the statement made by the judge was twisted to give a wrong impression. This is in line with the statement in the press wherein it was presented that the court has given National Assembly the ultimate power to review or increase the budget before it will be submitted to the president.

Furthermore, he also added that on the 2007’s Fiscal Responsibility Act Number 31, included in sections 13-18 have address missing portion in section eight one which states on how should the National Assembly manage the budgetary proposal of the president.

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