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Family Of 7 Killed In Rivers State

There was a tragedy in Oyigbo,Rivers state on Thursday after seven members of a family died over mysterious reasons.

It hasn’t been determined what led to their death but some people said it may have been a result of suffocation from carbon monoxide poisoning while some said they might have been poisoned.

A social media user wrote…

‘Infact Sir kenn .this life is rubbish.I was there this morning before the police arrived with the ambulance. From the information was probably said to be solfucation, 7 people in a room,Closed windows and door.stand by active generator which stayed overnight,of which its carbon monoxide found its way into the room were the victims slept. So many people said some other things. And there was blood traces. Which indicates that the victims struggled to death.#POISONING was also suspected.INVESTIGATIONS are still on going and in this case we demand for autopsy test which could be sponsored by state /local government.Be right back.’

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