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Former Governor Danbaba Suntai Succumbed to Death At 56

Pharm Danbaba Suntai who once served as a governor of Taraba State died in his home yesterday, June 28.

Suntai will be recalled to have survived an air crash that happened back in 2012 at the Yola Airport. The late governor piloted the flight himself and was reported to sustain brain injuries from the accident.

In 2007, Suntai has been elected as a governor of Taraba State. He had his second term in 2009 and in 2010, he enrolled for pilot training at the Nigerian College of Aviation in Zaria where he had gained a license.

Before the plane crash in 2012, the governor has been taken to Germany for medication purposes, an ailment that was developed from food poisoning as the cause. Suntai had announced himself that he was poisoned at the opening of the regional convention in Jalingo, hosted by the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International.

As a pilot, he had a number of successful flights using private aircrafts, attending to his duties as the governor of the state. But on October 25, 2012, he had been involved in an accident that had put him into serious condition.

He received initial treatment in Yola at the Adamawa General Hospital before being transferred to the National Hospital Abuja. Days later, he was taken to Germany for further medication.

It was revealed that the late governor’s health was falling apart since the accident but he has served and did his duties until the Taraba State House of Assembly has empowered his deputy, Garma Umar, to act in his behalf.

Yakubu Dogara, Speaker of the House of Representatives has expressed his deepest condolences and has praised the ineradicable footprint that was left by the late governor.

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