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Governor Ayade and people of Cross River praying for Buhari’s health

Professor Ben Ayade. Coss River State’s governor announced that the people along with the state’s government have been continuously praying for President Muhammadu Buhari’s speedy recovery so that he can go back to the country.

In a message about the Eid-el-Fitr, Ayade have praised the Muslem Ulama and the President. He stated that the people of his nation were further cultivated with the message of the said celebration and these gave them the motivation to pray regarding the president’s condition.

Furthermore, Ayade said that since the message of Ramadan is to recall the God’s word through Holy Quran, the state of Cross River have united with the Muslim sisters and brothers to pray for the president. They have prayed for God to give the president the wisdom, long life and strength so that he can completely attain his goal to make Nigeria an organized and united society.

He also added that these thirty days of spiritual engagement and soul purification commenced by Muslims should be able to ignite the unity and oneness of all the people of the country regardless of the religion or tribe they belong to. Ayade also took advantage of the celebration to cry out for the understanding, peace, respect and love for the entire human race.

Lastly, Ayade also uttered that it is essential to non-Muslim and to all Muslims to attempt to search God’s face in every prayer and be the person to promote peace because this is what the society requires most especially during the hard times that the country faces nowadays. He also added that the lesson that should be learned from this occasion is that everyone should give special importance on the things that will make us united and abstain everyone from difficulties and hate among others.

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