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Heavy rain caused widespread destruction in Ibadan

Yesterday was a difficult situation for the Ibadan residents and to other parts of the city of Oyo State as they experience 5-hour rain.

Areas which are affected by this rain are Bodija, Gbekuba, Apata, Orogun, Omi Adio, Wofun, Akobo, Kute and Idi-Ape. Some of the streams and rivers were spilled over across the city and many cars and houses were completely covered by flood. Because of this, millions of properties at Wofun were destroyed and in Ibadan’s area which is Olodo were covered by flood.

The rain lasted for 5 hours and it started at around 4:00 a.m. Since it lasted for this long, many people were stranded in their homes. Also, routes were flooded so no cars or even people can pass. They will need to wait for the water to go down. This morning downpours cause some stores to open late.

Meanwhile, the water at Orogun River was believed to spill over and Orogun Junction’s church beside Ojoo-Ul Road and many houses were entered by water.

The flood in Orogun Function has trapped many people in the church and was rescued by Nigeria Security and Civil defence Corps or NSCDC. It was also found out that a pregnant woman was also rescued by them.

In other area such as Idi Ape, a traffic jam was caused by a tree that is blocking the road. Because of this, the road is not passable to travellers so they are advised to look for other passable ways.

The residents from Yawuri in Akobo said that the flood was actually caused by the shop in Waterway which was just newly constructed. They already ask for help from the Ministry of Environment so that the shop will be removed immediately.

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