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IITA Highlights the Impact of Development in Agricultural Industries

Upon stressing that the agricultural sector is a great source of wealth, The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Ibadan has emphasized the value of innovation as one way one attracting the youths to participate in the sector.

The institute has long recognized the importance of agriculture in building wealth for the nation, but called out that it should not be treated the way the early people have done it in the past.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Institute, Deputy Director-General Dr. Kenton Dashiell has left a burning message to the youths of the land. He said that by developing and implementing new methods and technological advancement in the agricultural industry, the unemployed especially the young people would be attracted to work on the lands and make them more productive.

With the increasing number of unemployment in the continent, Dr. Dashiell emphasized that the food insecurity in Africa can be solved by collective efforts from various sectors and from the people themselves.

As a parting message, the Deputy Director-General remarks that the IITA cannot stand alone in isolation. It needs help both from the public and private sectors. The inspiring message also marks the Institute’s Media Day for this year.

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