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Malaria Cases in Nigeria to Increase due to mosquito’s resistance in insecticide

Over 50 million Nigerians still test positive to malaria every year and this has called the attention of Nigeria Institute of Medical Research. The institute found out that mosquito’s refusal to Long Lasting Insecticide Nets has been increasing.

It was found out that states like Ogun, Niger and Lagos have the biggest rate of this case of resistance. Other states that also show resistance cases were Oyo, Osun, Jigawa, Katsina, Sokoto, Kebbi, Kwara, Benue, Anambra, Plateau, Rivers and Enugu.

The Deputy Director Dr. Sam Awolola, mentioned that roughly 182M LLINs were given in Nigeria since 2003. It only showed 16% less rate in 2008-2011 and not been strengthened. She also feels sad that this development have caused serious number of deaths of malaria instead of solving the issue.

Awolola also stressed out that the major source of refusal is because agricultural products also have the reagants. Most of these insecticides that were used were seen in agriculture aspects.

In order to give support to Awolola’s statement, Prof. Babatunde Salako the Director General of NIMR, tell that the development of Nigeria’s battle about malaria was under a deep danger because of the extend of insecticide refusal. He also pointed out that this resistance was administered to 20 states in Nigeria. With this, it requires immediate attention.

Salako also cleared that this resistance could also cause health crisis. With the problem that is happening he said that the government should check out available possibilities of non-chemical base control measures. He also asked the government to authorize NIMR to be a center for vector insecticide resistance and observation in mapping Nigeria. Moreover, he also said that NIMR should determine the deployment of alternative control of mosquito like “genetic modified mosquito” and “Sterile Insect Techniques” for malaria control in Nigeria.

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