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Nigeria Will Be 6 Different Countries In Ten Years Time – Ex Lawmaker

A former member of the House of Representatives, Barr Felix Mbam, has predicted that Nigeria will be divided into six different countries in the next 10 years and this is predicated on the series of agitations currently being witnessed. 

Mbam, from Ebonyi said this in Abakaliki. He predicted that the country would split if nothing urgent is done to implement the 2014 confab report. 

Acvorsing to daily post the former lawmaker called on President Muhammadu Buhari and his government to immediately consider the report.

 “In ten years time, that time I will be 82 years old, I foresee the country splitting into six. And out of that six, some of them may agree to stay together. “For example, Biafra and the people of oil Rivers may form one country with middle belt (the Igalas and Idomas). 

“We may go into loose country to what we call confederation of states and each state will be given at least five years to opt out in the marriage called Nigeria and that will be on constitutional table. 

“There will be no crisis, because, we that have fought war know what it means. 

“We may remain together as Nigeria and continue to suffer the way we are suffering. Because, when you see a home that is going to disintegrate, the husband and the wife will be fighting always. 

“In Nigeria today, the Yoruba man does not trust Igbo man and Igbo man does not trust Yoruba man, Yoruba man does not trust Hausa man and Hausa man does not trust Yoruba man just as Igbo man does not trust Hausa man and Hausa man does not trust Igbo man. 

“So with that mutual mistrust, Nigeria will not last,” he was quoted as saying.‎

The former lawmaker said further:

 “If they don’t call constitutional conference and they continue speaking English that Nigeria is indissoluble and indestructible, because of the millions of naira they carry every month, they should be ready to face what comes out of it.

 “Who told them that Nigeria is indissoluble? Russia divided into 15 countries among others and people are still saying that Nigeria is indivisible. “Is it not somebody that brought it together? Since Nigeria was brought together by human and the people brought together are people with different cultures, ethnicity and religion, it must dissolve one day. 

“But for Nigeria not to go there must be equitable treatment of everybody. We cannot have ‎second class citizens in where there is no slavery.” 

Mbam also complained about the level of corruption in the country. 

“If we restructure, will it stop corruption? If we have Biafra, will it stop corruption? If we want to run equitable government, we must stop corruption. 

“You mean, there will be no corrupt people if Biafra is created? There will be many. If you give River people independence, they will be killing themselves everyday over oil.  

“So, there is no place as corrupt as Nigeria. Our leaders are corruption personified. There is nothing wrong with the name Nigeria but until we make up our minds. 

“What is wrong with Nigeria are those inside Nigeria, the leaders. We have good followers but we have bad leaders.

“How could somebody own about hundred houses, has hundred cars, aeroplanes, burry billions of naira and dollar underground and so on, the only thing he does not have is prison yard in his house? 

“Even if 20 countries are created and we don’t make up our minds, we are going nowhere. It is not the system of government that matters, it is the people who run the government,” he said. 

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