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Nigerians Living In India Sent Home By Immigration

According to a story shared by Onyeoma,a Nigerian man who lives in Mumbai,Indian, indian immigration officers have being visiting houses since yesterday in New Delhi, breaking into houses where Nigerians reside and deporting them.

He wrote…

‘F.R.R.O/immigration of India going to house to house in New Delhi breaking all Nigerian peoples houses arresting to deport them in a city of 3000 Nigerians residing they want to deport 5000 Nigerian back to there country what do you think,means they don’t want Nigerians in there country anymore,since yesterday these have been reported to Nigeria embassy but they’re not taking any action,many Indians stays in Nigeria over 1 million Indians in Nigeria have no papers share this until our stupid ambassador here takes action,please share until it reaches those in power to help your brothers here’

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