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NMA criticize unscreened blood transfusion

Nigeria Medical Association, Zamfara State Chapter condemn the administration in line with the unscreened blood that has been given to state’s patients.

The condemnation was made by Dr. Mannir Bature, Secretary of the Association last Wednesday in Gasau. He said that the association is anxious with the complaints of the patients who are dying in the state’s clinics and hospitals. The association made a tour around the state’s health facilities and found out that the large percentage of people who are dying were those who have undergone a blood transfusion.

Bature suspects that the reason behind this is because there are medical personnel that are not qualified to perform the blood transfusion. He also added that some of the health workers do not wait for the confirmation of the patients if there is really a need to transfuse blood to them and just perform the action even when they are not supposed to do it.

The latter also quipped that patients were given the wrong blood or either the blood was infected with a disease and this is because the blood screening equipment in the state’s health facilities is inadequate. Following his statement, he challenged the government to produce one blood screening center, at least one to every state’s senatorial district. He claimed that only Gusau’s Federal Medical Center, Anka’s MSF Hospital, and Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital have screening facilities as of the moment.

Bature also suggests that when it comes to the blood screening, it should be led by qualified personnel so that basic checks of Hepatitis, Malaria, HIV, and Syphilis would be administered properly before the blood will be brought to different health facilities.

Furthermore, Bature mentioned that NMA already warns the state government about the issue and have also made some proposals so that this unethical trend will put to stop immediately.

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