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One Succumbs to Lassa Fever, 65 Under Observation in Anambra

The government of Anambra confirmed that one person has died of Lassa Fever while 65 other patients are undergoing strict monitoring and observation.

During an interview with Dr. Emmanuel Okafor, the current Director of Public Health in the Anambra Ministry of Health, he said that the deceased patient was admitted on June 11 at the Ojukwu University Hospital in Awka. She was a nursing student in a private school in Idemili North.

The deceased patient was then transferred to General Hospital Irua in Edo state for further diagnosis and treatment. However, she had succumbed to the disease on June 17, Saturday.

While she was schooling in a private nursing school in Nkpor, she had experienced extreme bleeding from the gums, nostril and virgina. The case was confirmed as a Lassa Fever in Irua.

Dr. Emmanuel Okafor said that once the case was diagnosed, they have started contact tracing. After a series of follow ups and careful observation, at least 65 have been put under intensive monitoring. Two of the monitored patients have developed fever. The doctors have taken samples and those were sent to Irua for further analysis.

The doctor also said that they are still tracking possible carriers and have strictly advised them on what to do under this kind of circumstance so as not to risk their health and worse, their lives and also of their loved ones.

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