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Online Visa Delivery System in Nigeria in just 48-hours

Mohammed Babandede, Comptroller General of Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), said that NIS has started an online visa service delivery system for those foreign investors that would want to visit the country.

The confirmation was made by Comptroller General while he was talking with some journalists.  There have been a discussion in the Immigration service in Abuja about the Handbook presentation on the undertaking of the Executive Order and Comptroller General Mohammed Babandede was there. The said event was also attended by AB Dambazzau, the LT. General and also the Interior Minister.

He also said that the line will be opened on Wednesday so that people can share or exchange information at any time. This line will open to public so that people can have an easier and quicker way to contact the agency. This is accounted by the provisions of the said Order about the MDAs Transparency.         Furthermore Babandede also said that they have obeyed about the Executive Order that 48 hour is the allotted time frame to get a visa. Once they have applied for the visa and the necessary requirements were met, they will get in touch with them through email.

Meanwhile, Minister of Interior, Lt. General AB Dambazzau commended Nigerian Immigration Service about this action. He also asks NIS to make sure that strict compliance should be implemented so that they will meet the goals that they want to achieve. He also noted that every agency that is under his territory will also meet the specified standards of this Executive Order.

Dambazzau also point out about the dress code of NIS. He wanted to take make sure that NIS will adhere with the document which was started by the Nigerian Immigration Service to make certain that there should be uniformity when it comes to the dress used by their men and officers for every occasion there is.

Dambazzau also added that this recruitment done by NIS will definitely give way to a more excellent state of the system.

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