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Security Guard Arrested For Having S*x With Three Girls

A Togolese man, Sabi Burno has been arrested for having sexual intercourse with an 11-year-old primary school pupil, Mistura in a container on Ibikunle Akintoye Street, Apapa, Lagos.
It was gathered that Burno as been having sex with two of Mistura’s friends, Yinka and Mary.

While Mistura and Yinka attend the dame school, Methodist Primary School, Randle, Apapa, Mary attends United Christian Primary School.

When the three girls were called for interrogation, Yinka confessed that the man had slept with her over10 times. The other girl revealed that he had slept with her twice, and the last one said he has defiled her four times.

Reports say the security guard uses money to entice the girls to have sex with them.

The three girls have been admitted in General Hospital Apapa for medical check ups.

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